Why Agencies Need to Offer Easy Car Buy

Your Clients Are Losing Market Share

As an agency, you know that dealerships are seeing a decline in showroom traffic.

Vehicle shoppers are visiting fewer and fewer dealerships before making a purchase because they’re doing their shopping online, instead of at the dealership.
This means agencies like you need to provide your dealerships with an alternative online shopping experience that allows shoppers to find the information they need in order to make a purchase.

How Can You Solve this Problem?

Easy Car Buy markets to vehicle shoppers and offers them the information and control they want – so dealers can provide a better shopping experience for them and increase their showroom traffic because of it.

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Help Dealerships Answer Shoppers Biggest Questions

Shoppers need to know which car is best for them, if they can afford it, where they can buy it, etc. Easy Car Buy allows your dealers to answer these questions! Shoppers can browse their inventory, see their incentives, find the vehicle that’s right for them, and much, much more – all on Easy Car Buy!

Help Dealerships Advertise the Way Customers Want to Shop

On Easy Car Buy, vehicle shoppers can browse your dealers’ entire inventory with prices that reflect current rebates, incentives, and discounts.
Shoppers can choose their ideal monthly payment, include their credit tier rating, length of lease they prefer, add a down payment, and more.
Plus, they can add their trade-in, see how much it’s worth, calculate any equity they might have, and see how it lowers the prices of every vehicle in a dealer’s inventory.
This is why vehicle shoppers – and dealers – love the online shopping experience that Easy Car Buy provides.

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