Our Story

Easy Car Buy was created to resolve a need in the market that developed over a period of time.

The need occurred as the vehicle shopping experience transitioned more and more to the digital world. Today’s shoppers spend the majority of their overall vehicle shopping time browsing vehicles online, rather than visiting dealerships.

Because of this, we realized that there was a disconnect between dealerships and vehicle shoppers. Dealerships were no longer providing the information needed and shoppers were turning to third-party sources to find it.

But, because most shoppers eventually needed to make their way to a dealership, they were running into problems. The disconnect between online shopping and a physical dealership was making the overall shopping process difficult, confusing, and time-consuming.

Enter Easy Car Buy! Easy Car Buy is the answer to these issues because it’s the ultimate vehicle shopping tool. It allows shoppers to browse a dealership’s real-time inventory and compare vehicles, pricing, incentives, and more –  all from the comfort of their own homes.

Because of this, Easy Car Buy has decreased the difficulty of the vehicle shopping process and helped resolve the problems that often arise as shoppers transition from online to a physical dealership.

We’re proud that we can offer a tool that allows vehicle shoppers and dealerships to work together for the ultimate shopping experience!